WCE Inc.'s personnel have an exceptional reputation throughout the western U.S. for the design and management of projects. Whether designing a septic system, a five million gallon per day water treatment plant, or recirculation systems for one of the largest and most complex fish hatcheries in the world, our team members understand the complex processes and critical details involved in completing designs and creating practical solutions for your projects. Below is a brief summary of several projects completed by WCE Inc. personnel over the past three years:


South Mountain Mill, South Mountain, Idaho

WCE Inc. provided civil, mechanical, and environmental engineering design support for the development of a 40-acre mill site and hard rock mine in southwestern Idaho. The project scope covered civil site design, foundation design, roadway design, environmental support, and the design of appurtenant mechanical systems. WCE Inc.’s scope also included the hydraulic/hydrologic analysis of the site and the design of stormwater run-off detention and potable water storage structures. When finished, the mill site will consist of 10 separate buildings ranging in size from 600 square feet (sq-ft) to 20,000 sq-ft and will provide approximately 110 full time jobs in Owyhee County.


Soil Vapor Extraction Remediation System, Boise, Idaho

WCE Inc. conducted a Phase I and Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) at a historic tetrachloroethylene-contaminated site in downtown Boise and subsequently designed and supervised the installation and startup of an approximately 500 cubic foot per minute soil vapor extraction (SVE) remediation system. WCE Inc. negotiated with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) for the site’s acceptance into the Voluntary Cleanup Program and is currently monitoring the project until cleanup goals have been attained. Once remediation is complete, WCE Inc. will assist the project owner in negotiations with IDEQ for project closure and a covenant not to sue, limiting future regulatory action at the site.


Adit Discharge Treatment System, Elmore County, Idaho

WCE Inc. personnel designed and provided operational oversight of a zero-valent iron passive filtration system at a mine in Elmore County, Idaho. WCE Inc. also provided permitting support and construction management services for the project. The system filters approximately 350 gallons per minute from the 900-level adit discharge using a series of gravity filters and sediment basins to remove iron and suspended solids while the zero-valent iron removes arsenic. The system removes over 99% of the arsenic and has enabled the client to meet state and EPA NPDES discharge requirements.


Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery Adult Storage Tanks, Salkum WA

While at a previous firm, WCE Inc. personnel prepared the construction drawings and specification package for the adult salmon storage tanks at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery and designed an open channel flume pipe network to convey the fish from the adult sorting facility to the storage tanks. The system was designed to limit the amount of water that was needed for fish conveyance and was completed on time and under budget.


Springfield Fish Hatchery, Springfield, Idaho

While at a previous firm, WCE Inc. senior project engineer Mr. Eldridge served as the lead project manager and design engineer for the Springfield Fish Hatchery design-build project. The project scope included the demolition of the existing hatchery and the design of three residences, a hatchery building, raceways, a groundwater well field, fish rearing piping, and potable water system piping. The design was completed two months ahead of schedule and under budget, resulting in significant cost savings for the client.